Building Palm Hemp; An Online Brand

Personal Project

Services: Brand Research, Creative Strategy, Graphic Design, Website Design, eCommerce Development, UI/UX Design, Marketing Research, Social Marketing, User-Process Design

Software: Adobe XD, Illustrator, Acrobat Pro


Palm Hemp is all-natural hemp and CBD dispensary based in the United States. Palm Hemp prides itself on the all-natural manufacturing process they use to bring flavorful products to its customers. Although Palm Hemp has an excellent manufacturing process, they want to wait to open a physical location until they feel the brand is ready. Meaning, they needed an even better user experience process to bring new customer sales to the site.


When starting our Palm Hemp project, I knew that branding needed to cater to their new e-commerce sales and site development. Because Palm Hemp is a new business, they did not have any branding or packaging assets. After a more in-depth conversation about who Palm is, all their natural ingredients, and their future business plans, my logo designers created branding assets for online use — setting the stage for consistent user experience on the brand's website, social media accounts, and physical packing. Next, I defined how the user would experience this process.

Desktop + Mobile Site Mock Up
Brief brand Style Guide


After our branding process became completed, I started creating Palm Hemp's user experience and user interfacing processes. I continued by first defining a few user goals. One of our main goals was for the user to find and purchase their ideal product quickly. Next, we wanted the user to have the ability to learn more about Palm Hemp's all-natural process if they chose to explore it further. Keeping this in mind, the user still needed to have certain information presented to them before buying the correct product. How'd I do this?

Homepage Conceptual wireframing
Desktop Wire-framing Process
Mobile App Screenshots


The user goes through four steps once on the homepage. Find/ present a product, see product flavor options, learn more about details of the item, and then checkout. This simplified process brought the user checkout time to about 1 to 2 minutes if the user already knew what products they were interested in buying. If a new user did not know what product they wanted, the site still provides adequate information about all of Palm Hemp's manufacturing process and what is inside every product.

Desktop site screenshots
Mobile App Screenshots
checkout Experience Integration
Check out the preview video


Palm Hemp now had all of the essential creative elements to launch their e-commerce store. After launch, Palm Hemp can expect an increase in traffic to their site on the first day, with most of the traffic converting into sales. How do we know this? After completing a user survey, we found that 75% of users came to the site to learn more about the all-natural manufacturing process. Once on the site, the simple checkout process made purchasing an item easy and straightforward. To keep new traffic coming to the site, we lastly implemented unique social media consistency. The user can now interact with the Palm Hemp brand before viewing the same consistent experience on the product landing pages.

Social Media Post Mock up
Social Media Content Designs